10 techniques for dealing with stress

Stress is a common problem for the majority of the people in the present-day world with these 10 techniques for dealing with stress can help you in your day to day. Today’s hectic routine gives us very little time to focus on ourselves and make some self-investment.

Utilizing massage techniques is key to enhancing your performance at a personal and professional level. You can do this at home by getting the essential oils for muscle pain and applying them to your muscle or pay a masseuse heftily for almost the same result.

A good massage not only offers stress reduction but also has a variety of other benefits like alleviating body pains, improving blood circulation and working many vital organs of your body.

Stress generally gathers up in your different body parts. There are countless massage techniques that can help you relieve your stress and deal with problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Techniques for dealing with stress

1. DIY Techniques for dealing with Stressed Eyes

Staring at electronic screens for a significant portion of your day causes your eyes to get tired. You can get rid of much of stress by simple massage therapy.

Start by closing your eyes, place your thumbs at the inside corner of your eyes. While applying gentle pressure in tiny circles, move your thumbs towards the outer edges of your eyes.

Make sure that you cover the entire area of your eyes for the best results. Continue this technique for at least 5 minutes.

This therapy will enhance blood circulation to your eyes, reducing the strain on your eyes, uplifting stress and headache.

2. Techniques for dealing with stress that Causes Headaches

Medical research has shown that stress is the major reason behind headaches. A headache induced by stress can be brutal, and massage is one of the best ways to deal with it. Here’s a simple technique:

Place your fingertips on the front side of your head. Now start applying gentle pressure in a circular motion until you reach the backside of your head.

Now repeat the same process going towards the front side of your head. Ideally, both these movements will take around 20 minutes. Remember to gently press your temporal regions before you finish this.

3. Techniques for dealing with Shoulders and Neck stress.

Your neck and shoulders are hosts to stress. Stress in these areas causes severe pain and inhibit your mobility.

Massaging the back side of our neck with hooked shape fingers helps in releasing the pressure built-up in your neck. Rubbing your shoulder with the palms of your hands can release pressure on the shoulders and enhance blood flow to your shoulders.

4. Techniques for dealing with stress Backbone

The spinal cord is one of the most important parts of your body. Emotional and mental stress that gathers in your mind is usually transferred to the spinal cord through the nerve impulses.

De-stressing your spinal cord through massage therapy is very important. For this massage technique to work, you need the help of another person and massage oil.

Ask the other person to put some oil on your back and then with the help of long strokes rub the entire area of your back. This improves the blood circulation to your back, supplying fresh blood and energy to the strained muscles. Make sure that this process lasts for around 20 minutes.

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5. Technique to Deal with Stress Points on Your Feet

It is a well-known fact that your feet are just like a directory to your body. They have pressure points for vital organs, blood flow, headaches, and stress.

There are three different stress points on our feet located at outer side of feet, inner side, and base of the feet. With the help of your thumb and index finger, you can apply pressure on these points, and you will notice that you have started to feel better in just a few minutes.

For successful implementation of this technique, make sure that you gently press your feet for 5-10 minutes after applying pressure on the three specific points.

6. Massage Techniques to Deal with Stress Buildup in Arms and Hands

You can employ a simple method to deal with the stress that accumulates in your arms and hands.

This technique involves applying pressure on your entire hand for 5-6 minutes. You can do it yourself simultaneously on each hand or just ask someone else to do this for you.

After pressing your hand, you can apply pressure to the center of your palm using your thumb and index finger of your other hand for a couple of minutes. Doing this sends an order to your brain to release chemicals that counter stress and uplift your mood.

7. Ear Massage

Your ear contains pressure points that help in dealing with stress. Massaging the area of your ear called “Shen Men” facilitates the release of serotonin that is your body’s natural defense against stress.

8. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is famous for releasing the muscle tension that is build up in your entire body. All you need is massage oil and someone willing to give you a massage. Swedish massage is usually done using palms or forearms.

The long strokes are carried out from your neck to the start of your hips and the entire length of your legs and arms. Using Swedish massage techniques results in the release of endorphins from the brain which counter stress and uplift your mood.

9. Deep Tissue Massage: Dealing with Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress gathers up in your tissues. A deep tissue massage is helpful in dealing with it.

It is usually done with elbows and is aimed at reducing the stress build-up in a specific area rather than the whole body. It is possible that you might feel some pain during this massage.

You can ask the person who is giving you a massage to adjust the pressure according to your comfort.

10. Aromatic Massage Techniques to De-Stress

Adding certain oils like lavender and chamomile to standard massage oils gives them a special aroma that is helpful in dealing with stress.

When you smell something, the receptors in your nose send an order to your brain to act accordingly. Inhaling special oils causes your brain to release hormones and chemicals that impact your overall mood and reduce emotional and physical stress.


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